NO TEAM, NO COMPANY. Team, as a basic but important element, plays an essential role in a company. The unity of a team has a direct influence on work efficiency. So our company pays attention to the team building. Meanwhile, a fraternal and united group will motivate their staff to create value for the company so that the firm will develop and grow faster and faster. Not exceptionally, SONGBEN focuses on team building, either. The detailed activity includes staff travel, staff party,etc. The pictures depict the after-sales team when they travelled to Japan by ship TAISHAN.

Our sales team can be divided into two parts--the department of domestic trade and the department of international trade. Meanwhile, the group of international trade will go abroad for exposition which will expand our business scope and broaden staff’s horizons.

And some important anniversaries will be celebrated in SONGBEN company, such as the 10th anniversary of founding of SONGBEN PACKING MACHINERY CO., LTD.

All these activities are organized to promote the feeling of harmony and amity. We believe firmly that no team, no SONGBEN.