Congratulations to SONGPINE’s 15th birthday!!

In 2003, Qingdao SONGBEN Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd has set up. Now, Songben has grown up

from a small scale company to a superior packaging company in the world.

“This is difficult, but we did it.”The important thing is that we regard “innovation”as a core motivation.

We broaden our horizons and look to the long aim; we keep inventing new types of machines to provide

a best solution for customers.

We are strict to ourselves instead of just letting customers satisfied. That is the reason why we have new

options and new ideas.

Our products develops from single model to whole line automatic packing according to customers’ different

commands.Every year, we produce more than 500 sets of machines and auto supplying system.

Our customers include international companies TOP 500 in the world, some leading enterprises in

different countries and covers Europe, Japan, Korea and Africa and China. We need auto packing

machines to emancipate manpower, reduce the cost and save time to improve the ability of production.

Every customers need to be respected, and their acceptance means we shoulder important responsibility.

So we will do the best from design, materials and technology. We pursuit best, provide best to create more value.

Post time: Nov-16-2018