The detailed introduction of machines


This short introduction is aimed to emphasize components of machine.

  1. The length of input conveyor can be adjusted according to customers requirements.
  2. The film roller could be equipped with auto film splicer to achieve automation.
  3. The customers could buy another size of bag former while the products change.
  4. The sponge is used to put the products forward and exhaust the air in the package.
  5. All the machines are equipped with double vertical sealing wheels. The first one is used to pull the film forward. The second one is used to heating the film and stick the film together. Of course, the vertical sealing can be altered as an electrostatic adherence one.
  6. The height of horizontal sealing cutter could also be adjusted if the products change.

Say some details about the film roller (In order to have an intuitional understanding of the operating principle)


The auto film splicer is used to save time, reduce labor and realize automation.
All types of machines could do this except SF-D/DH because there is no space for the device to install.

Post time: Sep-19-2018